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Hi my name is Dean, I've been a student at Aclc since sixth grade in 2008. prior to living in Alameda I lived in the San Francisco up to my fourth grade year. My parents thought it would be a safer and kid friendly community in Alameda so we went through with it. At times I look back missing old friends but I am glad to have moved to Alameda. Our move was a very life changing experience. I felt freedom to reinvent myself by engaging in new hobbies and interests.

            My pesonalitty has altered during my pre teen years mostly through being the new kid in town. I was always  cheerful and enthusiastic as a young kid. I began to take on new traits like being more self concious and responsible as well as independent. Aclc has provided me a gracious and welcoming place where I could learn and socialize. Many learners from my grade left to attend more traditional schools, but for me Aclc just seemed right. Later on in highschool I felt comfortable enough to pursue other interest that involved career choices. I was introduced to fixing bikes and I fell in love ever since. Through my interest in cars and bikes I decided to take various college classes. I eventually started studying for fun and putting together personal projects to fill my free time. These hobbies gave me purposes in life and a future to think about.

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